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Who We Are

Vessels of Veritas is a melodic hardcore band based out of Manitoba, Canada. VoV was established in late 2010 and has matured into the unique sound and production it is today. With their self released EP [to draw the line], it was clear that VoV had a sound worth discovering, and with their most recently released full length [anchored above], VoV has proved that they don't desire to be a band that follows the usual streams of the music industry. VoV strives to bring a new dynamic to the hardcore scene, with a unique sound and live show, VoV is a name you'll hearing more of in days to come. 

Vessel- as a ship, used to hold and transport.
Veritas- [Latin] meaning; honesty/truth.

Vessels of Veritas, the name says it all. We didn't create this website for our benefit, it was created for you. As a band, our goal is to reach as many people as we can with the time we're given, to share our message of hope with the world. This world is constantly searching for purpose and meaning, yet so many look in the wrong places to find it.

This is a place where you can read testimonies, check out our ministry blog and even send in prayer requests. We understand that not everyone will agree with our message or ministry, and that's okay, but we believe that everyone should be given the chance to know how much God truly loves them.

Regardless of your situation or wherever you're at in life, you're not alone, and you are not meaningless.

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